Absolutely Fabulous Time

The Series “Absolutely Fabulous Time” depicts nocturnal landscapes of Mediterranean beaches, off-season.

We normally tend to relate these public spaces to our summer memories and remember them as vivid and crowded places. I found them equally attractive during the night, off-season. Whether it was a stormy night in December, or a calm, cold freezing night in January, I was always allured by the nocturnal, less familiar face of these sites. Being just a silent listener, I could easily immerse myself in the place as I have never done during the day. I use available ambient light, the moonlight and long exposures to reveal scenes that sometimes cannot be perceived with the naked eye. Such night scenes – inherently theatrical themselves – make all the benches and pine trees, parasols and beach showers together look like a large stage set by the sea, abandoned, or left for the next performance. Or, the next season.